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    Ishta Cafe - Jayanagar

    ALT - Rooftop Restaurant, VR Mall Bengaluru

We create

Rousing Ambiances for the hospitality sector

Transcend towards experience

Our smart lighting strategies for your space enable you to transcend from the limitations of static lighting towards dynamic experiences,
all with a single tap on your smartphone!

Getting started is easy

We provide you a Lighting Control interface alongwith smart lighting hardware and smart lighting advisory to deliver a complete smart ambiance solution

1. Floor Plan

Our team uses the floor plan to gather insights about the volume and nature of experiences within the space.

2. EAL Map

We then proceed to create the EAL (Experience-Ambiance-Lighting) map for the space which provides information about the nature of lighting needed for a specific experience in a specific ambiance. Being IOT enabled, you can deploy these lighting themes from anywhere in the world!

3. Light Plan

The EAL Map is used to design appropriate white light and mood light strategy. All whites are not equal. The nuance between 2700K upto 9000K is critical for you to get an ambiance which relaxes or alerts people within. The same goes for colors in mood lighting as well.

4. Deployment

With our efficient and easy on-boarding process, you can get started with smart ambiance in your space in as little as 60 minutes.

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